I played a freestyle 7″ vynil set @ http://kioskradio.com/ on monday 15th October from 14h till 15h.
Here’s the recording:

Here’s the full tracklist:

Abílio Manoel – Luiza Manequim (BRZ45.02)
Orchestra Baobab ‎– Kelen Ati Leen (AFR45.06)
Funky Music Machine ‎– Gotta Clean Up The World (Before The World Cleans You Up) (TS-009)
Antonio Carlos E Jocafi ‎– Kabaluere (BRZ45.059)
Exacters ‎– Ain’t Gonna Lie (OUR45-014)
Soothsayers ‎– Sleepwalking (Black Man’s Cry) (Wah 7061)
Paul Ramos – Fence Walk (BC011-45)
Louie Ramirez The New Breed (45 Edit) (ROC024)
Carolyn Franklin ‎- Deal With It (SB7016D)
Alvin Cash – Stone Thing (Pt 1) (GPS 018)
Deep Velvet – Complain To The Clouds (City 048)
Spanky Wilson – Kissing My Love (GPS 018)
Walko ‎– Afrobeat Trance (Not On Label )
Jungle Fire ‎– Comencemos (Let’s Start) (CLMN-11)
Cross Bronx Expressway ‎– Cross Bronx Expressway (ROC-013)
Walko ‎– Quiet Man Is A Dead Man (Not On Label )
Samjazz Nega, Neguinha (BRZ45.02)

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